Out of the Ordinary Sight-Seeing Destinations

By:  Kelly Barnett

11th Apr, 17

Horicon Marsh – Horicon, WI

Horicon Marsh is the largest cat tail marsh in the United States at 32,000 acres. The National Wildlife Refuge makes up 21,000 (or 2/3) acres and the State Wildlife Area, the remaining 11,000 acres.

There is a boat tour offered that gives you a chance to experience the marsh and glimpse some of the wildlife found in the marsh: ducks, Blue Heron, Canadian Geese, turtles, deer, snakes, muskrats, frogs, etc. There is a very nice visitor center with exhibits and a nice viewing area of the marsh as well as a scenic drive around the outside of the marsh.

Go early in the day, during the summer months, and afterward you can enjoy the Beaverland Must-skis water ski show in nearby Beaver Dam!

See the deer in the center of the picture?

Makers Mark Tour – Loretto, KY

While there are several bourbon distilleries in this area of Kentucky, also known as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Makers Mark was our favorite. It seemed to have a more personal touch and the grounds were cozy and inviting. The tour itself, which only costs $12, was very informative and interesting. We learned the history of the company, tasted the 'mash', watched the distinctive 'red wax' applied to the filled bottles and, of course, tasted the finished product.

Barrels that the bourbon is stored and aged in

Jacob's Well – Wimberly, TX

Jacob's Well is a natural artesian well formed by an underground cave that's about 120 feet deep. The mouth of the well is about 12 feet wide but there is a concrete approach and knee-high wall that has been built around the well to protect it.

It's a popular spot for people wanting to take a quick plunge. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed it at one of the picnic tables overlooking a well while watching locals enjoy the water. While we didn't swim, we did do a little wading. 

A really cool place...not to be missed

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory – Louisville, KY

As a baseball fan, I LOVED this experience. Admission [Editor's Note: At time of publication, admission is $14 for adults, $13 for seniors, $8 for kids, and free for children under 5] includes both the factory tour and entrance to the museum. The tour is about 30 minutes long and you can take as long as you like wandering the various museum exhibits. If you're lucky they might be making bats for a MLB player who uses a Louisville Slugger bat. You'll even receive a miniature Louisville Slugger bat at the end of the tour.

A 'not to miss' place for Baseball fans...young and old

Spam Museum – Austin, MN

Didn't know there was a museum dedicated to Spam, did ya?? Well there is and it's a blast to roam through the exhibits and learn all kinds of facts about 'Spiced Ham'. They have an awesome gift shop where you'll find just about anything you can think of with the Spam logo on it! Haven't tried one of the new flavors of Spam? You can pick up a can (or a case) of any of the 13 different varieties sold today in the gift shop.

A 'not to miss' place for fans of Spam.

Branch Davidian Compound – Waco, TX

This stop is almost spooky. When we visited, there was no one around, but there was evidence of people still living at the compound.  We paid our respects to the memorial put together to memorialize the 86 people who lost their lives on April 19, 1993 during a siege of the compound by state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Michael paying his respects

Multnomah Falls – Bridal Veil, OR

Located roughly 25 miles east of Portland, Oregon, off U.S. Highway 30, Multnomah Falls is 600+ feet of roaring, cascading water in a picturesque setting. Follow the paved path to get an even better view from Benson Bridge which spans the first tier of the falls. If that isn't enough climbing for you…there are several trails around the area for the more adventuresome.

At the base of the falls there is a beautiful lodge that was built in 1925 that now houses a gift shop and a restaurant with awesome views of the falls.

Way back in 2012 when we had just two grandbabies...now we have five.

Palatki Heritage Site – Sedona, AZ

The setting of the ruins is almost worth the 7 mile dirt drive alone. The Heritage site is nestled into a 3-sided red rock amphitheater and is absolutely breath-taking. Palatki is a set of cliff dwellings that belonged to the Sinaqua people, dating back to about 1100 AD. You will receive a guided tour of the dwellings and the pictograph gallery nearby. The rangers and volunteers who provide the tours are all very helpful and quite knowledgeable.

Another 'must see' place...the setting alone is beyond words.

Peabody Ducks – Memphis, TN

Oh my! What a fun experience! The duck march at the Peabody Hotel is performed twice daily at 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. For the best view, we arrived about an hour early and had a soda while we waited for the ducks to make their entrance. Don't forget to take a ride to the roof top to visit the $200,000 Royal Duck Palace where the ducks live when they aren't on duty swimming in the Peabody's fountain.

Fun, fun, fun - kids will love it...adults will love it!

Naked Bookstore – Quartzite, AZ

Reader's Oasis Bookstore Owner, Paul Winer, (also known as the Naked Bookstore Owner) is a man of few…clothes. A budding nudist, Paul prefers to go without clothes but does don a knit sock to cover 'things'. He's a super friendly man and encourages picture taking so Michael made sure to take a picture of me with Paul.

If you're a book lover you might enjoy wandering through the many used books, puzzles, games and miscellaneous items that fill the store. While browsing you'll most likely keep beat to the music playing throughout the shop. If you enjoy it as much as we did you can pick up a CD to take home as the artist is none other than Paul, himself.

Owner, Paul, will put you right at ease.

Whataburger By the Bay – Corpus Christi, TX

If you're a Whataburger lover...this is a must visit! It just so happens to be the only two-story Whataburger location. It has a gorgeous view of the Corpus Christi Bay. What could be better than enjoying a tasty burger while watching the beauty of the bay?

Who can resist a Whataburger...especially overlooking the bay?

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Kelly Barnett

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