Campground Review: Anaheim RV Park

By:  Anna

25th Sep, 17

As always, my favorite thing was the people. The employees were truly great and very friendly. The most important thing to me was that they truly respected my work. When checking in, I was asking a few questions about the internet, and I was really happy that they have a paid option for quicker speeds. I didn't end up needing it, the free version was perfect! But when I was asking my questions they let me know that there were two of their own hardwired computers that I would be welcome to use any time I needed.

We also met some great fellow campers at the hot tub that we invited over to our trailer and were sad to say goodbye to a few days later. Thankfully, we were all able to stay connected on Facebook! Every morning the office gives out free coffee and muffins. Who doesn't love a free breakfast?

Our parking spot was great, and very large. I was really happy to see that we had an end spot which made parking a breeze! Sadly our side patio was blocked by a tree but the parking spot was so long we were able to fit our truck and even have the back patio down too.

The biggest areas for improvement were around amenities. The dog park was not fenced which for me was a huge bummer. Making sure our pups, Bruce and Logan, get enough exercise and get their wild energy out is really important to me. We aren't really able to do that without letting them run around off leash.

One thing that also concerned me is that while we were there, a dog got loose that was being walked with their dog walking service. All was fine, but they had to call the owner for help and the little dog kept running in the street and was probably loose for an hour total. If that were my dog, I'd be horrified. In general, we also saw three loose dogs in the area, I don't believe they were RV park dogs though. As a dog lover, my anxiety was through the roof! Try as I might, I wasn't able to catch any. There were a lot of loose cats around, too.

Additionally, the pool area could've used a little bit of help. The paint around the small jacuzzi was peeling and there was no light in the pool. Again, I can't complain much! It was hot and that's all that mattered.

Last issue was with the laundry. Huge pro was that they take credit cards! And it also wasn't too expensive. Downside is that one of our loads got stuck in the washer and we couldn't restart it or open it up. It was an ordeal that maybe lasted an ever-so-dramatic 15 whole minutes. Could've been worse! We had clean clothes at the end and we were able to work everything out.

One thing I loved was the Disneyland shuttle they have! For (I think) $5 a day per person, you get unlimited back and forth for the day on the ART bus. The shuttles come every 20 minutes and it takes about 10 minutes to get to the park. You can text the bus to see where they are at so you're not stuck waiting at the stop. For me this was a huge perk! I'm a huge Disney fanatic - as you can probably tell - so having the ability to go back and forth with no limits, especially to check on the dogs, was amazing.

My last qualm with this place is, again, not the parks fault, but Justin left his skate board sitting against our RV and some jerk walked up and stole it right from our doorstep. The area around the park didn't seem very nice. I wouldn't feel safe walking around by myself.

One room for improvement that isn't a huge deal other than amenities would be a shop! I love cruising around the shops in each park and buying treats, sodas, or items for our Road Warrior. It would be a great way for them to bring in additional revenue and for RVers in an emergency to pick up some more essentials (they do have a very small handful of items available).

It's hard to say which I'd prefer to stay at when it comes to the Anaheim RV Park versus the nearby Orangeland RV Park. When it comes to customer service and accessibility to Disneyland, Anaheim RV park definitely wins! If you'd rather be in a better area with more restaurants and a more pet-friendly park, Orangeland is a better fit.

According to their website, daily rates vary from $61 to $95 depending on site type and if it's on or off season. They do offer weekly rates which is great which vary from $355 to $530! Sadly for avid Disneyland goers like me, they do not offer monthly rates, and they do have limitations on how many consecutive dates you can stay. If you're only in the park a few days, they're also a member of many discount programs like Good Sam and AAA.

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RV Park Info:

Anaheim RV Park

200 W. Midway Drive 

Anaheim, CA 92805

(714) 774-3860