Campfire Chronicles (Feb 2019)

Anderson Valve System Replacement

Lisa & Dan Brown

28th Feb, 19

Recently, we were provided the opportunity to work with Anderson Brass Company by replacing the existing plastic Anderson Valve System in our fifth wheel's Utility Distribution Center (UDC), and test a better-engineered brass valve. Originally, our 2016 Heartland Landmark 365 came equipped with a plastic Anderson Valve - which is more susceptible to leaking.

How the Anderson Valve System Operates


DESTINATION: Joshua Tree National Park

Lisa & Dan Brown

18th Feb, 19

Last year, we enjoyed Joshua Tree National Park so much that we vowed too return to it again. The park hosts an amazing array of terrain, plants and wildlife. Its' intriguing Joshua Trees, and huge boulders, are warmly inviting as are the mild temperatures. Whether you're a solo, couple or family travelers, this national park should be high on your bucket list.


RV Upgrade - Lippert Hydraulic Leveling Jack

Jim & Melinda Tanner

13th Feb, 19

Shopping for a new RV is fun; however, finding the perfect fit for you and your family can take some time.  When we were shopping for our last RV, an absolute must-have item on our priority list was auto-leveling. We had many frustrating moments with our prior RV when leveling proved to be difficult - like having to start over and connect the truck back to the trailer.