Campfire Chronicles (Feb 2018)

Always On Liberty Switches Gears

Lisa & Dan Brown

27th Feb, 18

When we first started our RV adventures in 2014, we purchased a brand new Heartland Cyclone 5th wheel toy hauler to haul our two Harley Davidson motorcycles to tour the country. It was like having the best of both worlds; RVing and motorcycling...and people definitely turned heads as we pulled our big, gray monster, Liberty, behind us...all 44' of her! She was equipped…


RV Recipe: Chickpea Smash (Vegan Egg Salad Alternative)

Guest Blogger

22nd Feb, 18

If you're new to chickpeas, please don't be scared off! They are our favorite substitute for many animal-based recipes. I'm not sure how one little legume can taste like chicken, fish, or eggs [maybe that's just in my mind? ¯\_(?)_/¯ ] but they are delicious any and every way. Plus, chickpeas have almost 40 grams of protein in ONE cup!

Chickpea Smash

Made with chickpeas, turmeric,…


Product Review: Schumacher Rechargeable LED Road Flare

Jim & Melinda Tanner

20th Feb, 18

Sometimes you come across a product and you just know you have to have it. These LED Road Flares from Schumacher Electric are just that... a MUST HAVE item.

We have been driving around with typical flares in our car/truck in case of emergency. However, these LED Flares are a huge step forward in roadside safety. A typical road flare will last about 30 minutes and it's a one time use item.

The LED…


Sewage Disposal When Camping Off the Grid

Lisa & Dan Brown

15th Feb, 18

We enjoy camping off the grid aka boondocking! However, one of our greatest hindrances that kept us from longer-term boondocking was our RV sewage disposal. Typically, we can go about 10 days before we have to empty our black tanks (human waste) and about 5 or 6 days for our gray water tanks (brush, slosh and wash water) if we are really mindful and conservative with our water usage.


Product Review: HooToo TripMate Titan Portable Router and Media Server

Jim & Melinda Tanner

13th Feb, 18

Wouldn't it be nice to have something that can take all the headaches out of getting all your devices online? Look no further...the Hootoo "TripMate Titan" can do it all...and a bit more! We've had this device for about a year and can't believe what it offers for around under $40.

It packs a bundle of features into a very small package:

1 - Router (AP mode, Bridge…