Campfire Chronicles (Mar 2017)

RV Refrigerator Vs. Residential Fridge: What You Need To Know

John Faulkner

31st Mar, 17

Recreational vehicles are - in essence - tiny homes. They are smaller and more compact than their stick and brick counterparts. Bathroom sinks are smaller, there are less burners on the stove, even an RV king mattress is a few inches narrower than its residential cousin. But what stands out for a lot people is the difference between an RV refrigerator and a residential fridge.

Size Matters


Heartland RV Owners: Need assistance on the road? Visit the H.O.T.E.L.

Emily Rohrer

30th Mar, 17

  • You're far from home, and your tow vehicle breaks down.
  • You're visiting a new city, and want a local's tips on the best places to eat and the must-see attractions.
  • You could fix that busted cabinet door in the living room slide yourself, if only you had access to a garage and tools.
  • Your RV thermostat up and died on…

Severe Weather and RVing

Kelly Barnett

29th Mar, 17

With tornado, severe storm and flooding season just around the corner, Erika, a fellow Heartland RV owner, recommended that I write a post about what to do in the case of severe weather. It's a subject that should be taken seriously by all campers, whether you are a 'Weekend Warrior' or a Full-timer.

We moved into our


RV Recipe: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip and Pecan Buttermilk Pancakes

Lisa & Dan Brown

28th Mar, 17

We're going to have a little fun with this blog post. It's got food, a recipe and a little history thrown in a mixing bowl. One thing it seems RVers and campers love to do, is EAT! If you're a regular follower of Always On Liberty's blog or Facebook page, you'll know I love to chef it up in


RV Tip: Water, Water Everywhere

Kelly Barnett

27th Mar, 17

(Nestled into our site in Elizabethtown)

You'll want to flush your tanks (fresh, gray AND black) occasionally to keep them semi-clean. Since you can't really get inside and scrub them…flushing is the next best thing. However, when you do perform that RV maintenance task you'll want to pay attention and not let yourself get distracted. Why, you ask? Well, let me just tell you why. 

Not long after…