Campfire Chronicles (Jan 2017)

Looking for Adventure? Here's Two Helpful Websites

Kelly Barnett

31st Jan, 17

The final resting place of the beloved Captain Kangaroo.

I tend to be a 'planner'. We usually have a good idea of where we'll be, when we'll be there, how long we'll be there and what kinds of activities we'll participate while we're there. For some people that's too structured, as they…


A Creative Outlet for More RV Comfort

Emily Rohrer

30th Jan, 17

We at OwnLessDoMore are in the process of making some modifications that will allow us to boondock (camp without benefit of hookups) more comfortably in our Heartland Bighorn, and for longer periods of time than just a weekend.

First, we invested in a set of generators, to keep us up and running while dry camping or during power outages, based on


2PSNAPOD's Favorite National Parks & Monuments

Kelly Barnett

27th Jan, 17

We are BIG fans of National Parks as they represent so much of the history and beauty that our country has to offer. We purchase an America the Beautiful pass each year for $80…a small price to pay, in my opinion, to be able to visit as many parks and/or monuments as we are able. However, there are other passes for seniors, disabled and military at reduced prices.

We have been to…


In Western Nevada, Rocks Star

Emily Rohrer

26th Jan, 17

Hee hee. You see what I did there?

I knew you would.

We explored so many places during our winter holiday stay in the Las Vegas area that I could spend hours and hours writing up long descriptions and posting dozens of photos of each. But then I wouldn't have enough time to explore new places.

Thus, I've decided to combine…


Getting Trashed

Lisa & Dan Brown

25th Jan, 17

Got your attention with that title, didn't we? One might think this is about alcohol consumption but well...keep reading.

For you older readers (about our age or older, not that we're dating ourselves), do you remember the television commercial that showed the Native American standing alongside the highway while a passenger of a car zooms by throwing trash out the window that lands on his feet?