Heartland's Blog  (Dec 2016)

RV Recipe: Nelly Muffins

Kelly Barnett

12th Dec, 16

Have you been to a Heartland RVs rally yet? If not…get signed up for one in your area as soon as possible...you'll thank me for it! ;-)

If you've ever been to a rally where Kevin and Nelly W. are in attendance you might have been treated to Nelly's famous Six Week Bran Muffins…or renamed by countless Heartland owners as "Nelly Muffins".

These muffins are a special treat made with love by Nelly. They…


Santa’s Top 25 Gifts for RV and Campers!

Lisa & Dan Brown

9th Dec, 16

I know, this subject has come up a lot in discussion with family and friends; even amongst fellow RVers around the campfire or happy hour. Well, come on now, it's not that hard.

While we don't need weed whackers, lawn mowers, cold winter parkas, mittens or boots, pieces of furniture, etc.,…


My First Time Towing A Fifth Wheel

Emily Rohrer

7th Dec, 16

Who remembers the very first time they drove an RV?

Just over two years ago, I survived my first turn in the driver's seat — and to my great relief, so did everybody with me, including my husband, our younger son, and our dog.

Severe white-knuckling and breath-holding were involved, but nobody lost their life, lunch, or side-view mirror. Not even that one guy…


So You Want to RV?: Outfitting Your Home on Wheels

Lisa & Dan Brown

6th Dec, 16


When we ordered/bought our Heartland Cyclone 4100 in early 2014, we've just wiped the sweat from our brow after signing our lives away to the bank (well, not really but it sure felt like it with all the papers we signed!). We knew there was much more to it than buying our home on wheels. Like buying a sticks and bricks house, we needed to furnish it with necessities and niceties.



Happy Retirement, Mike!

John Faulkner

6th Dec, 16

[youtube video="6VfYPNcV8Ek"]

On Monday, Dec. 5, Heartland RVs bid a fond farewell to a valued team member. Mike Bellovich, Heartland's Director of Human Resources, is retiring.

On that Monday, many Heartland team members and partners gathered at Plant 19 to celebrate Mike's retirement. Cake and punch was served, and…